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  • Greedy Gecko - Eco Pest Management


    Greedy Gecko - Eco Pest Management
  • Greedy Gecko - Eco Pest Management


    Greedy Gecko - Eco Pest Management
  • Greedy Gecko - Eco Pest Management


    Greedy Gecko - Eco Pest Management
  • Services

    Greedy Gecko offers a range of pest control services including free advice.


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  • Insects

    Greedy Gecko's General Insect Treatments are effective on all common household insects including flies, spiders, mozzies, roaches, millipedes, ants and more...

    Minimal toxicity - no colour or odour - duration approx 45min - From only $140 inc GST...

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  • Book Now

    Do you currently have a problem with pests or require further information?

    Simply get in touch with Greedy Gecko and one of our professional and friendly staff will gladly provide you with any assistance that you may require.

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Important Advice for our Customers


CAUTION: Be careful of "pop up companies". We have experienced over the years ex-technicians leave, start up new companies not explaining to our clients they no longer work for Greedy Gecko. Since they are no longer under our stringent operational procedures including our policy "We do not use GENERIC products", using these companies may not achieve the result you're expecting. We have experienced upset clients calling to say they are not happy with the result of treatment only to inform them we have not treated their property for 2+ years. They are totally surprised.


As a result of this, we would recommend using companies with 7+ years operating a pest control business.



Greedy Gecko: The pest control experts

Greedy Gecko is an environmentally friendly owner operated insect control company, servicing areas in South and Western Australia. We specialise in the control of common household insects including termites, flies, spiders, mozzies, roaches, bees and our services also include rodents. We use only safe products with eco-friendly techniques and with regards to our general insect treatment we use one method of application which ensures consistency with the same effective result.


We not only treat domestic properties but also commercial ones including childcare centres, cafes, hotel/motels, sporting clubs and supermarkets. Some of these can be viewed at our about page. If you would like to learn more about our types of treatments, visit our services and pricing page. At Greedy Gecko, we prioritise using the least toxic treatments available, in an attempt to look after the safety of you and your family, as well as protecting the environment.


See how our GeckoVision™ works for Timber Liability Inspections.

Black house spider on a baby's swing.

Treatment sticking to spider's web on a fence capping. 


Rid your home of pests today

Don’t let your pests take over! If you have an insect or pest problem, contact us today


If you require further information on our products or services, call us today on 1800 88 39 88 or visit our FAQ page. At Greedy Gecko we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and are always here to help!



Why Choose Greedy Gecko

Eco Friendly

We use a 100% safe Pyrethroid surface treatment with no colour, or odour. You don't even have to leave the premises. Our product is safe for your family, plants and pets and is biodegradable which means it doesn't accumulate in the environment. For in-depth info, see our toxicity page. We have also launched our E-minder program, where you can receive the annual reminder via E-mail reducing your carbon footprint. We also use for our general insect treatment a pump action backpack with no fluorocarbons, and no loud generator noise which use fossil fuels.


Starting from $140.00 for our general insect treatments that include both internal and external, we are the most competitive for the area treated. We recommend getting other quotes before contacting us to see how competitive we are. As we don't have large overheads, we can offer the best price. For comprehensive information, enter our pricing link above.


For general insect treatments we use 1 method of application with no GENERIC products. We do not use advertising gimmicks eg. 2 insects for the price of 1 or set price for internal and another for external. Our treatment is effective on all household insects and we treat both internal and external with no supprises. We are the first to display a toxicity page explaining our product and give a comprehensive view on our pricing schedule, with no hidden costs. We also have a 6 month guarantee* with each treatment.


We have a no contract policy. We recommend treatment every 12 months^ and will send you a friendly reminder once the 12 months has lapsed. If you want another treatment, you contact us. Our treatments are not invasive and you don't need to vacate your property. For health and safety reasons, we do insist you wait outside while treatment is applied internally.  As explained earlier, with our general insect treatments use a pump action backpack with no loud noises and no annoying hoses spread out across your home or business. If you have a shop front and require treatment out of hours, we can accommodate.

Country Service

For our country clients, there are no additional traveling charges but we do group book our appointments. This makes it viable for us at the same time keeping our prices low. When we are entering your area our technician will contact you 1 - 2 days prior to arrange a convenient time to treat your property. This may incur a short wait (average no longer then 2- 3 weeks) but you pay the same as our city clients. We also have a free phone number for our rural customers which is 1800 88 39 88.